New Zealand Artist Shona Moller

Shona Moller is a New Zealand Artist based on the Kapiti Coast.

Her beachfront studio and gallery is at Paraparaumu Beach and is open to the public Wednesday to Saturday.  Shona has been working from this space as a professional artist for over seventeen years.  It is also where she has written her debut novel The Trajectory of a Fallen Angel.

Shona has had sell-out exhibitions overseas (London) and is collected both locally and Internationally.

Shona invites you to visit her in the studio during open hours, or to make an appointment outside these for any other time.


In a small New Zealand forestry village, there were streets of identical homes provided to all forestry workers’ families. Every four years or so each family was allowed to have their house re-painted the colour of their choice. With many Pacific Island and Maori families within the village, the house colours chosen were blue, they were pink, red, green, turquoise, and so the community was forever known as Rainbow Valley. As a small impressionable child, Continue reading “Artist”


A selection of some of Shona’s art works



Studio Tour

Shona’s studio is attached to her cottage gallery on the beach at Paraparaumu, situated right opposite McClean Park. It is a rustic, messy workplace with paint-splattered walls and floors, empty paint tubes piled in a corner and works at all stages of completion. She sometimes manages to keep one area clean(ish) for her writing.

Come and meet Shona to see what she’s working on anytime or take a 360 degree virtual tour through her studio and beachfront gallery below.

Shona’s Novel

Darkly funny, erotic and deeply moving, Shona’s debut novel The Trajectory of a Fallen Angel took several years to write. It was first published in August 2017 and is now available in hard copy and digital format.

Read the first few chapters free on Amazon here

Order a hard copy from our website here

Order a digital copy from Kindle/Amazon here

Also available as a signed author’s proof limited to less than 100 copies (Sold Out).

Order a hard copy of the signed edition here

Shona at the printers doing a hard copy proof
Shona speaks about her novel The Trajectory of a Fallen Angel