The Trajectory of a Fallen Angel (Shona’s debut Novel)

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Debut Novel by Shona Moller
Paperback, 450 pages

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Young teacher Emma Blake has developed a sixth sense for bad news. She felt it when her parents died, and she feels it again when she gets a mysterious call from a New Zealand number. That one call changes Emma’s life forever. Her beloved great-aunt, her last remaining family member, is dead. Maybe that’s why, after she loses her job in London, Emma accepts a position at a village school on the West Coast of New Zealand.

As Emma adjusts to her new surroundings, she attracts the attention of the magnetic Jono, a gorgeous green-eyed local. Their mutual attraction heats up, but Emma remains troubled by both her painful past and her recent, unsettling encounters with a local religious sect.

The Group, a church based on the Closed Brethren doctrine, operates out of an ancient Maori village in the bush. Now they’re after Emma, and even the determined Jono might not be able to save her. So she’ll just have to save herself—and hope forgiveness comes later.

The Trajectory of a Fallen Angel is a profound examination of guilt and its effects…bring tissues.